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Exploring the Development Space of Photovoltaic Power Plants during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan

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Since 2014, the scale management system for the construction of photovoltaic power plants in our country has undergone a large-scale explosion of photovoltaic power plants. From large-scale installations in northern five provinces to power rationing, from a single surface power station to photovoltaic + innovation, from the west to the middle east Transfer, the past three years, despite the emergence of a large number of "unapproved construction", but in general, the basic are based on annual implementation of the National Energy Board issued photovoltaic power generation construction implementation plan as the basis for the scale of construction.

However, with the increasing subsidy gap, frequent power rationing and the different conditions of new energy development in various provinces, on May 11, the National Energy Administration issued an urgent document urging all provinces to submit green energy "Thirteen Five "development plan annual construction plan.

This also means that the index of construction scale of PV power plants will start to be started by the provincial authorities under the guidance of the overall guidance of the National Energy Administration. Specific scale planning as well as specific end-of-year objectives will be formulated. Compared with the previous scale management and provincial participation target planning In terms of "concrete treatment of specific problems", this will provide a more practical reference for the development of new energy in every province. On the other hand, we must also guard against the large number of "unfinished construction projects" Bureau annually issued supplementary indicators of the drawbacks.

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