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Three major risks of photovoltaic power plant! Have you considered it?

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Photovoltaic power station is a capital-intensive industry. Take a 20MW photovoltaic power plant as an example. The investment amount is about 160 million yuan. At the cost of hundreds of millions of yuan, you can think about it before investing.

According to the author's personal work experience and friends suggestions, summed up the three major risks, namely: land costs, power rationing risks and subsidies delayed.


First, the cost of land

The cost of land costs mainly in two, the first is the risk of land taxes and fees, the second is the risk of rising land rents.

1, the risk of land taxes

At present, according to the relevant policies of the state, the land that can build photovoltaic power plants must be unused land (on the classification of the land can be found in: Learn what the land can do PV!), But in reality it is really suitable for the construction of photovoltaic power plants Of the unutilized land is very small, many investors are turning their attention to the cultivated land. But how much tax do you know about land?

Urban land use tax, farmland use tax, grassland occupation tax, forest vegetation restoration fee, grassland vegetation recovery fee ... all of which can make you lose everything!

2, the risk of rising land rents

In recent years, large-scale development and construction of photovoltaic power plants, land rents have soared, some barren hills, the rent has doubled.

With the continuous urbanization in rural areas, the land will become more and more concentrated, and the value of the land will also be higher and higher. In particular, the general farmland will face a great risk of default price increases in the future.

Second, limit the risk

Due to abundant light resources and relatively low land costs, large-scale domestic PV power plants are currently concentrated in the northwest region. The past two years, the western photovoltaic power plant showed a great leap forward construction, while the lack of matching power grid supporting projects to keep up, resulting in a large number of photovoltaic power plants in the western region can not be properly exported clean power.

Similarly, in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia, the northeast China itself has surplus power. In recent years, large-scale wind power generation has been caused by the economic downturn and large-scale construction of wind power. Therefore, two years later, Northeast China's PV will experience the same in the northwest.

At present, power cuts in northern China will become the new normal!

The southeastern region due to the relatively large population more economic development, limited power risk will be the smallest!

Third, the delay in subsidies

Ground station to implement a strict subsidy catalog reporting mechanism, from the declaration to the final allocation of funds go a long way to go through the approval process, especially in recent years, the Bureau of Renewable Energy Fund deficit, there have been companies have not received subsidies for three years!

So subsidies delayed arrival of one year will be the best state!

How to avoid the risk?

First, the cost of land for photovoltaic power plants

The cost of land is the relative risk of the three risks. The other two risks are relatively controllable, and the cost of land is the most variable.

1, tax risk

Detailed study of all land-related policy documents to find a reasonable tax avoidance method. However, this aspect is too broad in scope and non-trivial to make it clear.

2, rent risk

Land is divided into state-owned and collective-owned according to ownership, so sign lease agreements with land owned by the state as much as possible. Avoid dealing with the villagers, if the villagers default is a little way.

Second, limit the risk

On this article, only to understand the grid structure in advance to avoid investment in power plants in the northwest, try to choose the Southeast and other power grids to absorb better areas.

Third, subsidies delay the risk

This is no way, want to hold their own must have done a good job related plans and preparations, most of the instructions to do, I believe the future will be more and more perfect, hope that three years later, you can remove this risk!

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