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Common problems

Photovoltaic Project several common sense

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1. How to manage distributed PV projects?

A: The State Council department in charge of energy is responsible for the national distributed photovoltaic power generation planning guidance and supervision and management; under the guidance of the State Council department in charge of energy under the guidance of the competent department of energy under the State Council, the local energy authority is responsible for the project construction and supervision and management of the distributed photovoltaic power station in this region; commissioned the national solar power generation technology focal point Management units assume technical, information and engineering quality control.

2. Why Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Record? Projects that do not need state subsidies can start construction?

A: At this stage, distributed PV power still needs state subsidies. Assuming that 5GW distributed photovoltaic power generation is installed each year, the annual generating capacity will be at least 6 billion kWh. If the subsidy is 0.42 yuan per kWh, it will cost 2.52 billion yuan. In order to optimize the allocation of subsidies, filing is a must. Distributed photovoltaic power generation projects by the municipal energy or county-level energy administrations for the record management. If the project does not require state subsidies, the direct implementation of the record management can start construction.

3. How to record the distributed photovoltaic power generation project, which materials should be prepared?

A: The project unit submits the application forms for the fixed assets investment and distributed photovoltaic power generation projects to the municipal, county or county energy authorities for filing, which should include the following materials:

1) The project plan in line with the relevant provisions of the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems and other facilities;

2) Proof of the use of the site such as the project site or roof;

3) The project issued by the prefecture-level or county-level power grid companies has access to the grid;

4) If the project adopts contract energy management, it is required to provide materials such as energy service management contracts signed with power users;

5) Other materials required by local governments in accordance with relevant regulations.

At the municipal or county level, the competent department of energy shall complete the record review and submit the audit opinion to the project unit within 10 working days from the date of accepting the project record application. When the accumulated scale of the application project exceeds the annual guidance scale of the area, the local energy administration Release notice, stop accepting project filing applications, distributed generation project filing within the validity period if there is no special reason not completed and put into production, the project filing documents automatically expire.

4. Filed projects can apply for change? How to change?

The items that have been filed can not be freely changed under normal circumstances. If a special case is encountered during the implementation of the project and the program must be changed, the program must be changed in accordance with the original declaration procedure.

5. Personal (home) installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation system how to define? What are the preferential policies?

Encourage you power users, investment companies, specialized contract energy service companies and individuals as project units to invest in the construction and operation of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects.

Individual installation of distributed photovoltaic projects in principle, spontaneous use, I power grid, the lack of regulation of the grid, for the PV power used to automatically offset the grid power consumption, no transactions, for surplus photovoltaic grid electricity grid company to local desulfurization coal benchmark price acquisition , Individual as a project unit to build a distributed photovoltaic installations in a single project installed capacity of not more than 30 kilowatts in principle, the provincial energy authorities may simplify the project management as appropriate.

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