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Family villa installation of solar photovoltaic system What are the benefits?

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Now with the strong support of the government for photovoltaic power generation policy and propaganda efforts, more and more friends know that the roof can be built photovoltaic power plant to make money to make money this matter. "Each hair once the electricity will be able to get 0.42 yuan state subsidy," "national subsidy standards unchanged for 20 years", "annual rate of return over 10%" ...... Many manufacturers slogan so that people are tempted, but many doubts Also produced ...


Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of rural families, there are many, many simple to share with you: Tell you your family to install photovoltaic power station 4 reasons:

1, reduce the indoor temperature in summer, photovoltaic panels equivalent to the insulation layer;

Winter has a warm effect, to some extent, saving air conditioning electricity costs.

2, the photovoltaic power generation is through inexhaustible solar energy, does not produce any pollution and noise, truly energy saving, environmental protection and practical action.

3, can be directly incorporated into the grid, the national policy to support "spontaneous use, Yu electricity access" mode.

Grid companies strongly support the distributed photovoltaic, resource allocation and utilization optimization, saving a lot of time and costs.

4, household photovoltaic power generation to enjoy 0.42 yuan per degree of state subsidies, subsidies for 20 years, for the use of electricity, into the national grid, you can charge the electricity grid.

At present, the roof of a house is usually a cement tile or a wooden roof. Whether it is a beveled roof or a horizontal roof, it is still very convenient to install a photovoltaic panel. The horizontal roof installation of photovoltaic panels is relatively simple, only need to install the bracket to support the battery board on the line; beveled roof is relatively more troublesome, the design and construction needs to consider maximizing the lighting effect, the photovoltaic panel angle need to consider the roof slope degree.

In fact, the installation of photovoltaic power generation villa, there are several points to note that residents need to inform the installation staff when installing:

1, pay attention to a stable installation. Photovoltaic systems need to be used for 25 years and need to fully consider the durability of the supports and fixings. In the eastern coastal areas, typhoons and other factors should also be taken into account. They are basically fixed and strong, and are properly installed. All these are not problems.

2, pay attention to lightning protection. Installers also have to consult the owner at home, whether to install lightning protection device, after all, is installed on the roof of the power generation panel, although it is impossible problems, but the design should still be taken into account.

3, pay attention to the construction and follow-up safety. Construction of photovoltaic power plants in the villa, there are more uncontrollable factors, should take full account of the safety of construction workers. Follow-up owners should also maintain regular inspections every year to ensure maximum yield photovoltaic power generation, as well as power plant safety.

4, you can consider buying photovoltaic insurance. Photovoltaic power plants, as an asset, can bring stable earnings to the owners for 25 years. However, after 25 years, they are too long. Although the problems are unlikely to occur, they will be more assured of purchasing the relevant photovoltaic insurance.

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