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Why does industry need a photovoltaic grid-connected solar power system?

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With the increasingly prominent energy issue, the state highly values the PV industry and encourages all localities to actively build photovoltaic power generation projects through policy subsidies. The photovoltaic power generation system is the mainstream of the current power supply system, suitable for industrial, commercial, agricultural and other fields.

According to the Energy Bureau released on March 17 in February the whole society electricity consumption increased 17.2% year on year, including heavy industry increased significantly. In order to further improve the energy conservation and consumption reduction, some provinces and cities have taken the power rationing policy for high energy-consuming enterprises, and the installation of distributed grid-connected power generation system will effectively ease the electricity shortage.

The distributed grid-connected photovoltaic system, especially the integrated photovoltaic power generation system, is the mainstream of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation in developed countries because of its advantages of small investment, fast construction, small area and strong policy support. However, in our country, Not universal, so as a high yield, low cost, sustainable, scarcity of four major advantages of photovoltaic power plants, promising in the future.



01 / reduce circuit loss

Photovoltaic power is on the user's side, generating electricity to supply local loads as a load, which can effectively reduce the dependence on the power supply and reduce the line losses.

02 / Effective use of land area

Make full use of the building surface, photovoltaic cells can be used as both building materials, effectively reducing the area of photovoltaic power plants.

03 / off draft run independently

With the smart grid and micro-grid effective interface, flexible operation, under the right conditions can be off-grid operation independently.

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